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Uncensored thoughts that must be told

or maybe just incomprehensible ramblings

Unlucky Angel
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Uh...I'm...me. Yeah, I guess that explains it well enough. What? You don't know me? Well, that doesn't surprise me. Well, hey, here's a compromise. You read this journal and then you can be free to make your own opinions/judgements about me. Does that sound ok?

If you're looking for a happy journal where you can find a peppy friend for life. Back the fuck off, very slowly. I'm not what you're searching for. I'm cynical, pessimistic, and sometimes just a down right bitch if I'm in the wrong mood to be fucked with.

I love fire. The look, the smell, the sound. Especially the intensity. If you've ever seen a house on fire, you know what I mean. There's not a name that does that color justice.

Jhonen Vasquez is amazing. Some fuckheads (some may prefer the term "prepps") may read the title "Johnny the Homicdal Maniac" and assume it's mindless, rampaging killing. Well, it's not. Read the comics first, shithead. Judge after you have reasoning to back up your opinions.

I have good moods. I have bad moods. I may decide to talk about them. You don't like it, then don't read dumbass.

I like being anonymous. There won't be any names in my livejournal. Any names I do give, whether it be for myself or others, will be false. I don't know why anyone would have a fucking problem with this. But if you do, however, then FUCK OFF.

I'm usually online and pretty bored. Feel free to IM me. Don't worry, I don't bite... usually. In case you didn't notice from above. My AIM screen name is xDona Aingealx.